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  • Gojo TFX Foam Soap Dispenser Touch-free Ref X06240

    Code: 818126
    Pack size: Each

    Helps you to provide the touch-free experience in your washroom Easy to load and maintain Dispenses 2000 applications of foam soap per refill 30, 000 activations from three standard ^C^ size batteries (supplied with every dispenser)
    GBP 818126 3.10 £ 3.10 Inc. Tax £ 3.72
  • Toilet Brush and Holder White HB906

    Code: AU91659
    Pack size: Each

    Keep toilets clean with this hygienic fully enclosed durable brush and holder.
    GBP AU91659 4.09 £ 4.09 Inc. Tax £ 4.91
  • Addis Toilet Brush Set White Ref 510284

    Code: 100689
    Pack size: Each

    Closed design for greater hygiene Sturdy and stylish design Easy ^wipe clean^ surface White
    GBP 100689 4.17 £ 4.17 Inc. Tax £ 5.01
  • Purell TFX Dispenser Touch-free Ref X00956

    Code: 165461
    Pack size: Each

    1200ml high capacity refill Skylight makes it easy to see when it^s time to reload LED shows when battery charge is low 30,000 uses from three standard C-size batteries (included)
    GBP 165461 8.03 £ 8.03 Inc. Tax £ 9.64
  • DEB Universal Protect Dispenser Pre-Work Portective Cream 1L Ref C00349

    Code: 557523
    Pack size: Each

    Dispenser for Deb Universal Protect Cream Takes 1 litre cartridge
    GBP 557523 10.25 £ 10.25 Inc. Tax £ 12.30
  • DEB Proline Now Wash Your Hands Dispenser PROL1SCH

    Code: DEB01070
    Pack size: Each

    For use with Deb foam wash cartridges.
    GBP DEB01070 10.26 £ 10.26 Inc. Tax £ 12.31
  • DEB Proline White Dispenser HYF01X

    Code: DEB01072
    Pack size: Each

    For use with Deb foam wash cartridges.
    GBP DEB01072 10.26 £ 10.26 Inc. Tax £ 12.31
  • DEB Proline Chrome Dispenser PROLCHROME

    Code: DEB01078
    Pack size: Each

    For use with Deb foam wash cartridges.
    GBP DEB01078 10.26 £ 10.26 Inc. Tax £ 12.31
  • Deb InstantGEL Complete Dispenser 1L

    Code: DEB11544
    Pack size: Each

    GBP DEB11544 11.25 £ 11.25 Inc. Tax £ 13.50
  • Deb Estesol FX POWER FOAM Dispenser 1L

    Code: DEB11723
    Pack size: Each

    GBP DEB11723 11.25 £ 11.25 Inc. Tax £ 13.50
  • Maxima Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser White

    Code: CPD97304
    Pack size: Each

    Bulk pack toilet dispenser. Two-ply toilet tissue. 250 sheets per pack. White.
    GBP CPD97304 11.58 £ 11.58 Inc. Tax £ 13.90
  • 5 Star Facilities Mini Liquid Soap Dispenser 0.4 Litre

    Code: 929968
    Pack size: Each

    5 Starâ„¢ Soap Liquid Dispenser Lock closure Capacity: 400ml refillable reservoir WxDxH: 115x115x190mm
    GBP 929968 11.73 £ 11.73 Inc. Tax £ 14.08
  • GOJO ADX-12 Manual Hand Wash Dispenser 1250ml Chrome/Black 8888-06

    Code: NCL1308
    Pack size: Each

    GBP NCL1308 12.41 £ 12.41 Inc. Tax £ 14.89
  • Scott Control Toilet Tissue Dispenser Centrefeed W307x127x313mm White Ref 7046

    Code: 167834
    Pack size: Each

    GBP 167834 12.53 £ 12.53 Inc. Tax £ 15.03
  • 5 Star Facilities Toilet Tissue Dispenser White

    Code: 936674
    Pack size: Each

    GBP 936674 13.03 £ 13.03 Inc. Tax £ 15.64
  • DEB Cleanse Shower Dispenser SHW2LDPEN

    Code: DEB02023
    Pack size: Each

    All over hair and body lotion wash with an invigorating rainforest fresh fragrance. Suitable for use in male and female shower areas. 2 litre cartridges.
    GBP DEB02023 13.44 £ 13.44 Inc. Tax £ 16.13
  • 5 Star Facilities Jumbo Roll Dispenser Small

    Code: 929976
    Pack size: Each

    Ideal for places that are used by a small number of people on a regular basis Clever reversible spigot fits different roll-core diameters Accepts perforated and un-perforated paper, giving you long-term flexibility of use Designed to be refilled less often Ideal for offices and small washrooms Size: Small WxDxH: 220x145x275mm
    GBP 929976 13.94 £ 13.94 Inc. Tax £ 16.72
  • Esfina Mini Jumbo Dispenser Ref EDP006 Up to 3 Day Leadtime

    Code: 169614
    Pack size: Each

    GBP 169614 14.33 £ 14.33 Inc. Tax £ 17.20
  • Kruger Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser DS924E

    Code: CT34014
    Pack size: Each

    Mini Jumbo toilet roll dispenser. White plastic lockable dispenser for extra security.
    GBP CT34014 15.14 £ 15.14 Inc. Tax £ 18.17
  • 5 Star Facilities Jumbo Roll Dispenser Medium

    Code: 929977
    Pack size: Each

    Midi Jumbo Dispenser A good size for schools, factories, leisure centres and any washroom that is used frequently WxDxH: 280x145x325mm
    GBP 929977 15.48 £ 15.48 Inc. Tax £ 18.58
  • 5 Star Facilities Hand Towel Dispenser Small

    Code: 929993
    Pack size: Each

    Ultra-strong, small towel Dispenser Fits a large range of hand towels - from interleaved to extra-thin The most hard-working part of the dispenser - the towel outlet slot - is designed to stand up to constant use Easy-view window to check towel levels for better stock management Versatile design fits interleaved, c-fold, z-fold and extra-narrow towels WxDxH: 290x145x265mm
    GBP 929993 15.76 £ 15.76 Inc. Tax £ 18.91
  • 5 Star Facilities Liquid Soap Dispenser 0.9 Litre

    Code: 929943
    Pack size: Each

    5 Starâ„¢ Soap Liquid Dispenser Lock closure Capacity: 900ml refillable reservoir WxDxH: 115x115x250mm
    GBP 929943 15.77 £ 15.77 Inc. Tax £ 18.93
  • 5 Star Facilities Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser

    Code: 929969
    Pack size: Each

    This popular two-roll design halves restocking time, as when one roll is finished the other cleverly drops into its place The model accepts conventional toilet rolls which are easier to store than jumbo paper rolls, making this dispenser ideal if storage space is an issue Simple to restock, and the internal mechanism is very hard-wearing and easy to maintain A good choice for smaller washrooms or where using standard-size toilet rolls is an essential requirement Designed for washrooms that e
    GBP 929969 16.07 £ 16.07 Inc. Tax £ 19.28
  • 5 Star Facilities Centrefeed Dispenser Small

    Code: 929985
    Pack size: Each

    This space-saving dispenser fits rolls of perforated paper, and is designed for areas that require fast access to towels - such as kitchens, gymnasiums and garages The hard-wearing design will stand up to years of constant use, and the dispenser is very easy to service and restock Unique tear-off mechanism minimises paper waste and environmental impact Size: Small WxDxH: 180x175x330mm
    GBP 929985 16.16 £ 16.16 Inc. Tax £ 19.40